Reality... This is REALLY happening....

Today was the day our lives changed forever. I took another pregnancy test, and it came back with another faint line. But this one was MUCH clearer than the one that I had taken the day before.


Reality kind of set in that this was happening. That Drew and I were going to be parents. I had to tell him, but I didn’t know how. I also knew he was working at GameStop that night, and so I sent him a text message that said “Hey… We have a larger problem now” and he said “What?” and I sent him the photo, and he said “Oh… this complicates things…” 

I said yeah… and then he said “so wait, you’re pregnant? How did that happen?” I said “I’d like to ask myself the same question a billion times…I feel like someone is troll facing us” and he goes “Hmm…” I said to him “You must have some super sperm or something. 

I mean… Really, I tried with Alex for 1.5 years, and I tried with Chuck for 9 months and with you, I wasn’t even trying, I was just enjoying, and we had been together not even 3.5 weeks, and BOOM… “And he typed back “LOL, must be my super sperm… if I were you, I’d go back to the doctor who said you need IVF and ask for your money back haha” and I told him “LOL, if only it were that simple” and then I asked him what it meant for us. He said that whatever happens, he will be there for me, and for our baby… and that he is only concerned about my health and that nothing happens to me… I said to him “You know when this occurred right?” And he said “Yeah, the night we had sex 4 times… it was that outfit” 

I said to him “Yeah, that sex was REALLY good too haha. It was Christmas night…” and he was like “Haha…” and that was pretty much the synopsis of the conversation he and I had. 

Surprisingly, Hahhe was acting REALLY mature for just being told that I was pregnant with his child… but the joke is that we wished this into oblivion because he had talked to his mother and told her that he hopes to be able to give her grand children while she is still alive, and he and I had the conversation Wednesday night about what our children’s names would be and what names he liked. That is mostly why we feel like someone is troll facing us still. 

I think it is going to take a while for us to finally accept that this is real though, but I have to wonder if we will eventually get back together…


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