39 Weeks! Induction Day!

Wow! It is finally here! I cannot believe that we reached 39 weeks. I have so much mixed emotions because it is the last time I'll be a mama to one child, I'll soon have two kiddos! My daughter is my world, and soon I'll have another world to give to my son! I cannot believe we've made it here. This pregnancy has been so full of many emotions. I felt alone, felt scared, felt happy, felt elated, felt worried, sad, pretty much every emotion out there, but were here. Baby Lucius will be here soon! As I write this blog, it is 6/8/2017 after midnight by maybe two to three minutes, and we leave the house for the hospital in the next few hours. I'll post updates when I can, but I'm so happy that we got to this point! But I am nervous and scared too! I know I'll be in good company. My sister Felicia is here, and Matt will be by my side, and then I have my doula and my photographer coming too! Gabby is staying at her best friends house while we're in the hospital until after the baby is born, because she won't understand why mommy is in pain, and it will be too much for her. Anyway, here is my last update before Lucius gets here!

We're Ready for you, Lucius.


Your daddy loves you very much, no matter what happens between him and I, please always remember that, little man.

My last belly picture. <3

Maternity Photoshoot - May 27th 2017

Here are photos of my maternity photoshoot with the AMAZING Nicole DeHoff.
All photos are property of Nicole DeHoff.

How I Told My Dad He Was a Grandpa Again...

So, I wanted to tell my dad last, because I feared a lecture, and didn't want to upset him, so I told him like this:

Yes, I did mail him these announcements, and he was very happy and excited for me :)
No lecture was given.

I cannot wait for my dad to meet him someday soon :)

Update: May 11th 2017

Updated 5/11/2017

1. May 1st: My Maternity Leave for Work Started, and I am good for PAID maternity leave until August 25th. I am still trying to figure childcare out because my sitter moved/relocated. Such is life.

2. Biophysical Profiles Weekly since April 27th. He scores 8/8 each time. Its so neat to see him practice breathing, and developing each week. On 4/27 he weighed 5lbs, so they are expecting me to deliver around an 8lb baby boy! Big boy! haha. My last 3 biophysical profiles are: May 17th, May 25th and June 1st. Its crazy that we're literally down to 3 weeks!

3. I booked our Maternity Photoshoot with Nicole DeHoff! We are doing our Maternity shoot May 27th at 6:30pm at Headlands Beach! I will be 37 weeks!

4. I had a BEAUTIFUL Mommy and Me Photoshoot with the wonderful Bobbi Frohman on 5/9/2017. To say I teared up when I saw the photos was an understatement. You can see them here: http://bfrohmanimagingdesign.zenfolio.com/p131927202

5. Hospital Tour at Hillcrest: Matt and I will be doing the Hospital Tour at Hillcrest on May 16th 2017 from 11-12pm. This will give him the chance to see the Maternity Suite and ask questions that he may have.

6. I enrolled in something called "Early Headstart" which provides supportive services from pregnancy through age 3 with the baby. Early Headstart is a program for expectant mothers and fathers and families of children birth to three years of age. Services are provided in the home on a weekly basis. Support and guidance is provided to families regarding parenting skills, linkage to available community resources, as well as access to the family resource center. It is totally voluntary. Our worker Nora is amazing. She works on parenting skills, bonding, growth milestones, development, ect. and I think this is amazing refresher for me, but also for Matt. They also make sure that baby is developing as he should and put referrals where they need to go.

In the coming weeks:

- Schedule Pediatrician Appt. We decided for making things easier, we would go with Dr. Rowane, through University Hospitals, which is where Gabby goes. 
- License: I will be avidly working hard to get my license. 
- May 24th, I follow up with my Endocrinologist to prepare for labor/delivery.
- Shooting for June 8th Delivery, if no complications occur.

At some point: 
- Pay off Nicole Dehoff, for the birth photography, fresh 48 ect.
- Nursery Finalized/Finished. (We got to get some things I forget what theyre called, but Matt said we will put them up. Theyre wall mounts or something?)

Fun Facts:
- Viability WAS reached at 24 weeks, on 2/23/2017
- Third Trimester at 27 weeks, on 3/16/2017.
- Baby Lucius is most active at night.
- LOVE Ice. LOVE Spicy. LOVE Lemonade.

See Photos Below

33 Weeks

34 Weeks

35 Weeks; The Last Ultrasound Pic Of Your Sweet Face

38 Weeks <3

Final Birth Plan!! 5/6/2017

So... Some minor changes had to be made because of my risk, so I went ahead and changed what I wanted, and hopefully the hospital will abide by it as best as they can. This is the final birth plan that I made. Matt and my doula agree with it.

3D 4/D Ultrasound

So, as I posted below, we had a 3D/4D Ultrasound again at the same place that did our 16 week, and Matt was able to go to this one as well, and we got a cute bear with his heartbeat inside. :) Below is a video of the ultrasound of our little man.

April 27th Update

Here are my recent updates:

1. On April 20th, I met with the Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine, and he explained to me the reason why my back pain is aggravated is because not only do I have sciatica, but I have something called "Somatic Dysfunction of the Sacral and Pelvic Region Secondary to Sacroilliac Joint Dysfunction" basically, this is a fancy way of saying my hips, and legs are improperly aligned, causing pain, and issues in my lower back. He did some stretching and manipulation and it helped! I see him back on May 11th for follow up. He said the hormone relaxin is typically to blame here.

2. April 26th: We had our 3D 4D Ultrasound at 4D Peak of Cleveland, and it was amazing to see the little guy growing! We got to see him smirking, but he had his foot by his face! We got a CD with images, DVD with video, and his heartbeat in a teddy bear! It was an amazing experience! (I promise I'll post photos of this shortly!)

3. April 27th: I started my weekly biophysical profile ultrasounds today. Lucius scored an 8/8 apparently he loves Caramel Frappacinos too, because he was all over the place moving haha. A BPP test may include a nonstress test with electronic fetal heart monitoring and a fetal ultrasound. The BPP measures your baby's heart rate, muscle tone, movement, breathing, and the amount of amniotic fluid around your baby. Basically, a fancier form of an ultrasound, and they have to score 8/8 ideally, but if 6/8 is scored, an NST is done, anything less than 6/8, is immediate observation at the hospital, for a few days. These will be done every week. So I go back next week for another scan. (See photos below)