Negative OPTK Today = No BDing = Over Emotional = Aunt Flow and Charlie paying visit?

Top One: 6-21-12
Bottom One: 6-20-12
Looks like I missed ovulation this time around.
Fertility Friend was probably right. I probably ovulated around CD16 when I was getting those wierd cramps.

Well... there goes that.

I am glad that my cycles are regulating though, because that means that I had a positive OPTK and that means I ovulated.

I suppose I should feel happy, but I am not looking forward to aunt flow paying me a visit this month...

Kind of over emotional because I was kind of hoping that I could BD and get pregnant.

Alex does not really understand PCOS and how hard it is to get pregnant. So I have assigned him homework to do his research on PCOS so he can understand. I am also going to invite him to my Endocrinology Appt in August.

In the mean time, Fertibella started today, other than being over emotional, I feel okay...

I'm glad my body is regulating itself. I just hope in the long run it works out the way I am hoping it to, which is another child.

I don't really understand why people are so "on the edge" about me wanting another child though. Makes no sense to me. Just because I am planning a child, does not mean the second we BD I will fall pregnant. 

ITS POSITIVE!!! The OPKT that is!!

Do you see what I see? :)
My Fertility Chart This Month from 6-3 to 6-20 thus far!
Today, I am in CD 18, and I am Really Excited!

I Got my VERY FIRST positive OPTK!

That means my Metformin is working, and my cycle that I am in currently means that I am regulating my cycles. I am very happy right now *happy dance*

I also weighed in at 237.5lbs today.

I got my Fertibella in the mail today, will be tracking very closely to see what it does, and is doing.

My Boyfriend looked at it and looked up the ingrediants and he says it is all good reproductive stuff.

You can follow my blog for updates!

Ovulation? Maybe...

So I am on CD16, and I got these cramps that felt low back, on my right side, and it felt like my period was starting. I am wondering if these are the ovulation pains that some woman claim they feel. 

I've been pretty emotional because my daughter is going to be turning three years old on the 25th. Stressed about bills and such, but I am sure you cysters know how that goes. 

I'm just really hoping July roles around so we can really get serious about TTC. I am going to be bringing a list of things to go over at the Endocrinologist appointment in August. 

We have set a target date to really focus on TTC for July. So hopefully sometime in July, we are able to conceive!

*baby dust to all*

Mother Nature, Womans Best Friend, Fertility Tracking and an Update

Don't you just love when aunt flow or charlie comes into town? I think that has to be EVERY woman's favorite time of the month. Don't you? Gotta love the mood swings, the excessive cramping, the emotions, the cravings, bloatings, you name it.

I have not had charlie come to visit me since August 2008. That is a total of four years. Four years because between my irregular cycles, and my falling pregnant in September 2008, birthing my daughter, and than getting my IUD inserted that charlie did not visit me. I did not miss him. I did not miss the cramping, or the bleeding, or the gross stuff, or not being able to have sexual intercourse.

Charlie decided to visit me on June 3rd with a lovely surprise. He decided to visit with aunt flow. *THAT BITCH* No, not really, but I was not thrilled. I was sitting down reading my homework assignment when I felt funny, and decided to go use the rest room, and noticed it. Good thing I stocked up on pads and tampons.

Things were not too too bad when Aunt Flow and Charlie were visiting. On Day 3, things took a turn for the worse. I did not however remember using as many pads I was going through. Strange, I could not use tampons. They felt uncomfortable, because of how heavy the flow was. I decided to keep track of how many I was using to see how much I was bleeding. I was going through 7 pads in 24 hours, and decided that I should probably call my doctor and ask if this was normal. My doctor told me to call my OB, so I called my OBGYN and they told me that it sounds excessive and to visit an ER. I decided to tough it out, until I got backstabbing pains that felt like labor, and limped keeled over into my bedroom and told my boyfriend we were going. We limped all the way to the hospital, which is about 1 mile from our house. I got there, they took 6 blood tubes and filled them, gave me some pain medication, performed a vaginal examination to check for hemorrhaging and then sent me home and said "You have heavy periods" NO SHIT SHERLOCK tell me something I DON'T ALREADY KNOW!! I was annoyed they did not check for cysts rupturing, or anything like that, via ultrasound. I went home, slept it off, and hoped the next day it would work better. Ironically, aunt flow and charlie decided they needed to leave town, and could come visit me next month again (one would hope at-least) and so they left on day five.

Currently, I am in cycle day 16 according to fertility friend. I Started my Metformin two days ago, on June 13th 2012. I am on 2000mg of Metformin in addition to the Synthroid, for my hypothyroidism which is 100mcg. I forgot my dose yesterday (I am horrible with medications, really need to get one of those medication daily pill things) but took today's dosage. I Feel wonderful overall.

We BD'd last night, and the night prior, so definitely feel much more "hornier" during ovulation (If I am ovulating) but Alex still hasn't been willing to not use protection. He still is in his "scared" phase, so we used the non-latex condoms. I am eager to start trying, and hope that in July, he has had sorted his fears and his worries out.

To Recap: Menses were from the 3rd until the 7th of the month of June. The First two days were HORRIBLE with the cramping, and the bleeding were so heavy. I had an ER trip on the third day, because of the pain from the bleeding. Ironically, the fourth day it went to spotting, and the fifth it was barely there. So I guess that makes my period 5 days long.

I did not start tracking my temperatures until I was not feeling well. The first day I tracked them was on 6-8-12, which was the day after my period, it was odd, because I had a fever of 102. The next day it went down to 101, and then 99.

Currently, today, I am on CD13, and I have a temp of 97.7. I'm not sure why I was running a temp of 101, so perhaps I am tracking my temps the wrong way or something, but who knows. I stepped on the scale today and weigh 243.3lbs. I really hate how it fluctuates so much!

I have blood-work scheduled in July, to check all my levels and see the Endocrinologist on August 1st. I am using fertility friend as a tracker for this sort of stuff.

 Thats pretty much it anyway for the most part. I just wanted to give you all an update as my progress.