Negative OPTK Today = No BDing = Over Emotional = Aunt Flow and Charlie paying visit?

Top One: 6-21-12
Bottom One: 6-20-12
Looks like I missed ovulation this time around.
Fertility Friend was probably right. I probably ovulated around CD16 when I was getting those wierd cramps.

Well... there goes that.

I am glad that my cycles are regulating though, because that means that I had a positive OPTK and that means I ovulated.

I suppose I should feel happy, but I am not looking forward to aunt flow paying me a visit this month...

Kind of over emotional because I was kind of hoping that I could BD and get pregnant.

Alex does not really understand PCOS and how hard it is to get pregnant. So I have assigned him homework to do his research on PCOS so he can understand. I am also going to invite him to my Endocrinology Appt in August.

In the mean time, Fertibella started today, other than being over emotional, I feel okay...

I'm glad my body is regulating itself. I just hope in the long run it works out the way I am hoping it to, which is another child.

I don't really understand why people are so "on the edge" about me wanting another child though. Makes no sense to me. Just because I am planning a child, does not mean the second we BD I will fall pregnant. 


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