PCOS, TTC, and Challenges

I live with a condition called PCOS, which affects most hormones in my body. Despite many attempts at wishing to be normal, I unfortunately don't have the best genes or genetic traits.

It stinks because no one knows what PCOS was and how it can affect a large amount of people.

I remember doing a project for it in 2007 at a teen health fair at a vocational school locally called MST and it made a lot of people aware about the condition. It also stinks because not a lot of doctors are familiar with the links and how PCOS, Diabetes and Hypothyroidism as well as obesity are all intertwined.

I did get my IUD removed on April 13th 2012, to try for a baby, and found out recently that I tested positive for Factor V Leiden and so I can never be on birth control again.

I Have not had a period since the removal of my IUD.
I see my First Endocrinologist on June 1st, and hopefully they will be able to shed light on some things. I am probably going to be put back on Metformin, Synthroid and Clomid to induce ovulation.

Recent Blood Work Results:
TSH: Elevated, Borderline, 3.450 uIU.mL, Range: 0.358 - 3.740
Glucose: 85mg/dL, Range: 65-99, Normal
Ferritin: 12.4 ng/mL, Range: 8.0 to 252.0, Lower Side, Slightly Anemic
WBC: 115.50 K/uL, Range: 4.50 - 11.50, HIGH, Referral to Hematology has been sent
RBC: 2.92 M/uL, Range: 3.93-5.22, LOW, Referral to Hematology has been sent
HGB: 10.5 g/dL, Range: 11.2-15.7, LOW, Referral to Hematology has been sent HCT: 25.5%, Range: 35.0-49.0. LOW, Referral to Hematology has been sent
MPV: 11.5 fL. Range: 7.0-11.0. HIGH, Referral to Hematology RDW-CW: 15.3%, Range: 11.7-14.4, HIGH, Referral to Hematology
DHEA-Sulfate: 115mcg - Range: 45-320, NORMAL
Testosterone: 24 nh/dL Range: 14-76, NORMAL

LH: 9.57 mIU/mL,
     Follicular Phase: 1.9-12.5
    Midcycle Phase: 8.7 - 76.3
   Leuteal Phase: 0.5-16.9
  Contraceptives: 0.7-5.6

FSH: 6.48 mIU/mL
        Follicular: 2.5-10.2
       Midcycle: 3.4 - 33.4
      Leuteal: 1.5 - 9.1

Estradidol: 57.42 pg/mL
            Follicular: 19.5-144.2
           Midcycle: 63.9-356.7
         Luteal: 55.8-214.2

Insulin Level: 41.8 mU/L Range: 3.0 -25.0 Result: HIGH
Iron: 44.0 ug/dL Range: 50.0 - 170.0 Result: LOW

Factor V Leiden: POSITIVE Genetic mutation of 1 copy of R506-Q, and that the test results read: "This individual tested positive for heterozygous with a 3-8 fold increase on venous thrombosis. consider genetic testing or dna counseling if the history of the family is unknown"

So... it looks like I am anemic, have low iron, borderline hypothyroidism, have factor v leiden, and have high insulin.

Will update with what happens at the Endocrinology Appointment -- as well as the Hematologist, and the Geneticist appointment.