PCOS, TTC, and Challenges

I live with a condition called PCOS, which affects most hormones in my body. Despite many attempts at wishing to be normal, I unfortunately don't have the best genes or genetic traits.

It stinks because no one knows what PCOS was and how it can affect a large amount of people.

I remember doing a project for it in 2007 at a teen health fair at a vocational school locally called MST and it made a lot of people aware about the condition. It also stinks because not a lot of doctors are familiar with the links and how PCOS, Diabetes and Hypothyroidism as well as obesity are all intertwined.

I did get my Paraguard IUD removed on April 13th 2012, to try for a baby with my boyfriend (Alex), and found out recently that I tested positive for Factor V Leiden and so I can never be on hormonal birth control again without the permission from a Hematologist, and even then, my choices are VERY limited because I am also allergic to Latex, and have a sensitivity to polyisoprene and polyurethane which means most condoms (other than the lamb skin ones), cervical caps, the sponge and likely diaphragms (because from my research these are Latex or Silicone) are out. That basically leaves getting an IUD, but because most that work effective have hormones in them (though they have some that are not hormonal, but copper instead which post a whole other issue in itself)

I Have not had a period since the removal of my IUD.
I see my First Endocrinologist (because apparently OBGYNs are not the specialist who treats PCOS properly, they can prescribe meds though for fertility things like ovulation inductors, and order tests the same way but often are not knowledgeable in PCOS to the full extent) on June 1st, and hopefully they will be able to shed light on some things. I am probably going to be put back on Metformin, Synthroid and Clomid to induce ovulation.

Recent Blood Work Results:
TSH: Elevated, Borderline, 3.450 uIU.mL, Range: 0.358 - 3.740
Glucose: 85mg/dL, Range: 65-99, Normal
Ferritin: 12.4 ng/mL, Range: 8.0 to 252.0, Lower Side, Slightly Anemic
WBC: 115.50 K/uL, Range: 4.50 - 11.50, HIGH, Referral to Hematology has been sent
RBC: 2.92 M/uL, Range: 3.93-5.22, LOW, Referral to Hematology has been sent
HGB: 10.5 g/dL, Range: 11.2-15.7, LOW, Referral to Hematology has been sent HCT: 25.5%, Range: 35.0-49.0. LOW, Referral to Hematology has been sent
MPV: 11.5 fL. Range: 7.0-11.0. HIGH, Referral to Hematology RDW-CW: 15.3%, Range: 11.7-14.4, HIGH, Referral to Hematology
DHEA-Sulfate: 115mcg - Range: 45-320, NORMAL
Testosterone: 24 nh/dL Range: 14-76, NORMAL

LH: 9.57 mIU/mL,
     Follicular Phase: 1.9-12.5
    Midcycle Phase: 8.7 - 76.3
   Leuteal Phase: 0.5-16.9
  Contraceptives: 0.7-5.6

FSH: 6.48 mIU/mL
        Follicular: 2.5-10.2
       Midcycle: 3.4 - 33.4
      Leuteal: 1.5 - 9.1

Estradidol: 57.42 pg/mL
            Follicular: 19.5-144.2
           Midcycle: 63.9-356.7
         Luteal: 55.8-214.2

Insulin Level: 41.8 mU/L Range: 3.0 -25.0 Result: HIGH
Iron: 44.0 ug/dL Range: 50.0 - 170.0 Result: LOW

Factor V Leiden: POSITIVE Genetic mutation of 1 copy of R506-Q, and that the test results read: "This individual tested positive for heterozygous with a 3-8 fold increase on venous thrombosis. consider genetic testing or dna counseling if the history of the family is unknown"

So... it looks like I am anemic, have low iron, borderline hypothyroidism, have factor v leiden, and have high insulin.

Will update with what happens at the Endocrinology Appointment -- as well as the Hematologist, and the Geneticist appointment.


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