Another Update...

So today was a rather eventful day. Gabriella had her IEP Evaluation, and they said she doesn’t qualify for an IEP for behavioral or developmental issues, but that she does qualify for an accelerated education plan, and that they will re-evaluate her for IEP in kindergarten. She also can apparently tell time because she blew my mind away when she took a pencil and mimicked the clock. I didn’t know this stuff until third grade. It makes me wonder what Drew and I’s child is going to be like, because he and I are so intelligent. 

Aside from that, today, I am in a very feisty mood. Haha. I am very sexual which usually doesn’t happen. I have to tell myself its hormones. Yep, blame the hormones, they are what got me into this mess to begin with. I totally want to get a shirt that says “Blame it all on the hormones” and then another shirt that says “I knew him less than a month” as a joke haha. 

Oh, today I also got another craving. I got a totally random craving for an Iced Peanut Butter Mocha Latte and I had the morning sickness/nausea too. Nothing too bad. 

My feisty mood got so bad that I even started teasing Drew, which I admit was funny, and I was doing on purpose, but it got what I wanted.
The conversation was quite funny. He was playing NS2 with his friends, and I was playing League of Legends, and then Minecraft with my friends, and I told him that if he and I were together, I’d tell him to come over so we could have sex. He basically responded with “dang it, stop it you…” and I said “But I like teasing, its funnnn” and he said “I’m sure!” lol. And then I said “What’s wrong with me being flirtatious and teasing you, no strings attached now? And he said “Grrr” and I said “I like it more haha. I mean you could come over if you wanted…” and he said “You’ve got me thinking about it now, I’m going to hop in the shower” and then I said “ohhhh myyyyy can I join? Lol” and then I told him “I was going to say well, can I take the not doing friends with benefits back and be friends with benefits with you? I’ll shut up before I get into trouble with you” and he responded with “lmao, fwb doesn’t sound too bad xD your causing some trouble haha” and I said “I like causing trouble, and it well, it would be fun” and then he said he was going to go shower, and I said okay, I’ll be here haha. Then he came back and was like “I figured out what I am wearing to work in the morning I can just stick it in my bag and come spend the night with you? =]” and I said “Haha, if you want to, I’m not objecting” and he said “Yes, I want to… haha” and then he said he will text me when he’s on the road. And then he came over… and we had such an amazing time… I said to him “Um… If you don’t want to do something, just tell me” and then he kissed me, and then he said “Yeah, this feels about right…” and it made me smile, and then of course, we had an amazing night together. J and I thought to myself dang… I need to be in feisty moods more often
So that was pretty much it… I guess Drew and I are on a “friends with benefits” status, but I feel as though nothing has REALLY TRULY changed haha. I only want to be with him, and clearly he only wants to be with me. I guess it’s the whole no strings attached thing, who knows… I just know he likes me being flirtatious, and the fact that we can be ourselves, and not have the stress of being with each other forever, and enjoy each other’s company and give each other space when we need it… I feel like things are MUCH better now, and he agrees. So I feel there is still a chance that he and I will date again in the future, but right now we’re just enjoying what we have.


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