Beta Hcg....

Today, I went to the doctor’s office to get a Beta HcG done. Beta HcG is basically the HcG levels in the system detected via blood. 

My HcG levels were 427 and my progesterone was 33.6. I got a nice lecture about being high-risk due to my auto-immune conditions, and told I am a very high risk for miscarriage and stillbirth because of past medical history with leukemia, and having had gone through chemotherapy as well as my genetic conditions and clotting disorders. 

When I mentioned all of this to Drew, he and I agreed that we will be getting a second opinion as we felt this doctor was REALLY negative and I am only 4-5 weeks along anyway, and so we felt that this doctor was trying to persuade us into having an abortion which I made clear is not going to happen. 

This doctor also is concerned that the HcG is very high for as far along as I am, and that it could be ectopic, or a blighted ovum, or multiples, or totally normal, but that right now all they can really do this early on is continue to do Beta HcG and Progesterone checks to make sure that things rise as they should be. I go back in for another Beta HcG to be done on January 9th and will talk to my High-Risk OBGYN then.



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