Conversations That Need to Be Had...

Today, Drew and I finally had a sit down conversation about everything going. We talked briefly about how it is going to affect our future, with college, and finances and things like that. 

His fear is that even if we are dating at that time that the state will slap him with child support, and I told him I would have to research this that I did not know the laws. I asked him how would things work raising an infant in separate houses, and he said we would figure it out. 

His concern is how it would affect his degree, as he is due to finish his associate’s degree over the summer, and wants to start at Cleveland State University in September and I would be due a week before he was set to start his degree. 

We joked and said “I thought we would be worrying about this like 4 years down the road” and he said “Yeah, that was the plan… but life has handed us different things now” and we just laughed a bit. 

We talked about when we would tell people, and we decided to wait at least four weeks to ensure that I do not miscarry and that it is not something like a blighted ovum or ectopic. We also discussed that in the future, we may re-try the whole dating thing. 

I must admit, it felt really good to sit down and talk about things. As friends, it was not as hard as I thought it would be to separate my love for him, and my feelings aside…  but I can feel and sense that he still loves me… that has not changed…


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