Fertility Specialist Reccomendations *The Actual Document*

So I am going to just post the document from the fertility specialist. I do have to call her office and fix a few things though, she missed that I no longer see Dr. Gudetti for Endocrinology, that I see another provider through Elliot Endocrinology, and she missed my date of birth (she put it as July 26th and I was born September 26th) and the last thing I have to correct is that she stated I was seen through Annemarie Fogerty for my stillborn which was not true. I was seen through Florida Cancer Specialists who handled Hematology-Oncology related cases, and then when I moved home to NH, I was seen through Norris Cotton Cancer Center, who misdiagnosed, and passed off my concerns, discharging me from their care, and now I am seeing Annemarie Fogerty, perhaps I am over-critiquing these notes, but I really don't like when doctors are incorrect in their dissertations.


The blackened out parts are addresses, and personal information such as social security numbers and date of birth. I do not want to have "issues" with people harassing me via my address, which unfortunately has happened, so I have taken the liberty to black out my information on a public blog.


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