Fertility Specialist of New England Appointment! *UPDATE*

I promised an appointment update, so here it is:

My Fertility Appointment went really well today. The doctor we was Dr Vitello and she has PhD in Molecular Genetics.

Doctor Vitello thinks that Alex's sperm tests look normal. 

She does think that I have issues going on, but not issues getting pregnant, issues with sustaining pregnancy. So she is ordering a bunch of testing that has not already been done on me. 

*doh* I already knew I could get pregnant, the issue was the sustaining the pregnancy. She said if all of that comes back normal, that they can reccomend continuing to try, but that I need to optimize my chances by dropping my BMI from 42.5 down to at least 35. 

She also did reccomend some vitamins for the MTHFR issue, and explained everything really well. She did tell me that MTHFR is quite common and in her opinion did not cause the recurrent pregnancy loss. She thinks something else is going on there.

The fertility center we are going through is Fertility Specialists of New England and they have an AMAZING money back program if you go through 2 cycles the third is free, but to qualify you need a normal/healthy BMI. 

That's not saying you can't go in, pay $6,800 for the IVF and not get pregnant, but with a higher BMI, the chances are much more higher for failure if you have a higher BMI and are heavier... they would rather you be healthy...

So since Alexander is perfectly fine, swimmer wise we have no worries there. He does have Compound MTHFR, but at least 80% of the population has heterozygousy, her concern was if it would be compound homozygousy... but he is heterozygous like myself, the difference is he is heterozygous in 2 genes, and I am in one, so the chance of our child being compound homozygousy, is fairly high. He is a little overweight, and were working on that together. 

Their blaming the issues on me from the fertility standpoint. Her exact words were, you obviously have no issue becoming pregnant, the issue is sustaining the pregnancy. 

She wants to order an HSG, and have some blood work ordered for chromosonal stuff, and also a karotyping done, as she thinks the reason for so many is that possibly I have cervical issues (they run in my family) or chromosonal issues (since I have so many genetic issues) and she wants to try to get to the bottom.

She did say if all comes back normal, the treatment would be weight loss, ideally. With a lot of my clotting conditions, PCOS, and MTHFR, being overweight exacerbates them, causing more inflammation markers, more risk issues ect.

I am probably going to work on weight loss (Already doing apart of my Cyster Revolution, will make a separate post about that after but you can follow my journey here: http://myrevolution2013.blogspot.com/), get the HSG, see if my tubes are open or closed (obviously if their closed, we would fix that first, because ovulation drugs would fail) try to take a few rounds of Femera/Clomid (maybe 6 cycles) and than opt for IUI, and IVF ultimately by Feb 2014, if all others fail.

I'm finding that most fertility clinics use IUI/IVF have a BMI requirement now... which makes me think the higher number your BMI is, the more likely you are to miscarry, or have failed attempts at pregnancy.

Overall good points, good discussion, and wonderfully amazing doctor who had good knowledge. 

Heres to hoping I can achieve my weight loss goal of a BMI of 35 in 3 months. :)


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