Methylfolate & Multivitamins

So most of you readers already know that I am MTHFR A1298C... if you are just reading this, well now you do know...

I have a genetic mutation on MTHFR at site 1298, and the variation makes me heterozygous. What exactly does this mean?

It means I have 1 good gene, and 1 bad gene... and because of that, I do not absorb B Vitamins as easily.
Most doctors prescribe folic acid to patients who come into their office, thinking higher dosages of folic acid will solve the problem... WRONG...

What us MTHFR's need are as follows:
B2: Riboflavin
B6: P-5-P (pyridoxal phosphate)
B9: Methylfolate
B12: Methylcobalamin

As recently learned, We need B2 to allow our MTHFR Enzyme to function. If we have a defective enzyme, we are not absorbing the B2 we need. This is BAD because we now have other issues elsewhere. This is where that LONG list of conditions come into play...

One might ask, well if I have MTHFR what is the appropriate way to treat it? What if I don't have MTHFR but want to be safe? What if I am chronically sick?

My answer: Err on the safe side, and use the above vitamins in a multivitamin to ensure your getting sufficient nutrients and AVOID folic acid like the plague...

So I started on my supplements today... and I feel the same, but in a few days I'd espect to have more energy... we shall see...

I bought my supplements through Dr Ben Lynch's store Seeking Health

I bought:
Optimal Multivitamin with Iron
Optimal Vitamin D3 Liquid Form
Optimal Amino Acid Blend

Each of these should help make me have more energy so we shall see how I feel...

Here is what it looks like:

So thats pretty much it... it has a lot of good stuff in it :)


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