So... I was waiting on my results from my last tests that the RE ordered... and today I got the results. They were even better than I had expected!

I originally expected that it would show a translocation from me being in remission from leukemia... 

My Karotype came back NORMAL! Best news! 

On a genetic level, the way it was explained to me was that my RNA repaired itself... and thus repaired my translocation that caused my leukemia two years ago... I was in remission, but now, there is NO SIGNS of translocations or balanced chromosomes or anything... 

My MTHFR mutation still exists, and so does my clotting, but this is good news in the genetic category. I'm a NORMAL FEMALE 46 xx :) and my Anticardiolipid came back normal, so did my lupus anticoag, and my cystic fibrosis. :)

This is good news, in fact, wonderful news, and proves that when I start taking my supplements for MTHFR (ordered) that I will be much healthier and on the road to feeling better.

:) Just wanted to share some positivity!


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