Follow Up with PCP for Recent Labs...

For those of you following closely, you know that on November 1st I ordered labwork, and got the results back, and they did not look good. I got my Insulin results back yesterday, on the 5th, and that was HORRIBLE. It was almost 4 times the normal range. I was quite upset, and my jaw dropped. Not only was my TSH through the roof high, but I had glucose in my urine, elevated glucose, and my Cardio CRP was deadly high. Being from the medical field, and knowing signs and symptoms of what these labs mean, I knew that things were not looking good, and it was also probably why I had been feeling so shitty as of late.

So because I was so worried, I called my primary care doctor yesterday and scheduled an appointment ASAP to discuss the results with her. Most of you know that I have had REALLY good experience with her, and she is very supportive and I like her alot. I think she was somewhat shocked to see me back after 1 week. I had mentioned to her that the reason I ordered the labs was because my sleep study results showed that I have mild Aeneas but not enough to treat, and not enough to cause significant fatigue, and that I was curious what the levels were, and also the insurance only covers them so often as she had said, so I ran them to see where they were. She understood wholeheartedly. 

The first thing I had her run was a pregnancy test. Ironically, it seems every time I am even close to getting a visit from AF, I have signs that all mimic pregnancy. In knowing what very high TSH results can do to a fetus who is developing, I was concerned. Concerned for my health and concerned for my "potential" fetus. Of course, if I had managed to get pregnant with a TSH as high as it was, I'd be shocked.  Results: Not pregnant. 

My PCP reviewed my labs and thinks my A1C is normal because it's over a period of 6 months and I've been on Metformin for that long. She thinks if I was not on metformin that it would be diabetic level. 

She has officially diagnosed me as diabetic thinking it is type 2 but if my lR continues to elevate she will run tests on it to determine if it is type 1 or 2. She said if my body doesn't get insulin I may need insulin and be dependent on it. 

I also changed endocrinologists. My Endo is now through Elliot instead of Dartmouth Hitchcock. The doctor was very nice, and reviewed history and lab results and He said 1. TSH is way too high and I need to take 100mg of Synthroid a day 2. He advised of troubles with TTC with TSH as high as it is and said if I become pregnant to see him asap. 3. He said I need to see a fertility specialist because the chlamydia for 2 plus years could have caused damage 4. He said I have a very complex history 5. He said he will check on switching me to liquid metformin as it will be easier for me to take. The brand of liquid Metformin is called Riomet. I would take 20ml to 25ml a day. 6. He agrees with the diabetes diagnoses. 

So the bad news: I am now officially diabetic and my thyroid is out of wack. I am not advised to TTC during this period as it can be dangerous. I am not pregnant *sadface* and I am at risk of a heart attack due to my cardio level in my blood, but that is going to be closely monitored.

Good news: Finally a good team of healthcare professionals. Yes, I have PCOS and am indefinably have insulin resistance. 

PS, Aunt Flow came to visit me today. So maybe my cycles are becoming more regular. Who knows *shrug*


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