Woohoo! Liquid Metformin was approved!

Even though aunt flow is here, I am still excited. I thought it was going to be very hard to get the doctor to change me from the pill form of metformin to liquid form, but it was not as hard as it sounds.

At first, he called Rite Aid, which is my pharmacy of choice, and they didn't carry it, so he was referred to Bedford Pharmacy, but Bedford Pharmacy was a specialty pharmacy, and didn't take my insurance, so he was referred to WalMart.

Greatfully, WalMart carried it. I was not too sure what "1 Gram" of Riomet equated to, but the doctor prescribed 20ml a day, for 2 weeks, and than 25ml a day from there on. The pharmacist explained that the 20ml equated to 2000mg of the pill form of Metformin. He explained I would take 10ml in the morning, and 10ml at night, to total the 20ml. Than after 2 weeks, change it to 25ml in the morning. He explained to take it with food or a drink, because it is liquid form, and it is different.

So I am excited it was approved through my insurance. It reminds me of the taste of liquid codeine cough syrup. It is cherry kinda taste that you know is medication.

I have not had any of the unnormal side effects, just that I have the diarrhea with it, but that is to be expected. The hope is that this will help lower my blood sugar. I also have to monitor my blood sugars 3 times a day, lovely... but I have to accept this new lifestyle, since I am a Diabetic.

The doctor wants to re-run lab work in December, to see where things stand. She was also quite concerned with a few of them, as was I. I suppose being in the medical field has its advantages and disadvantages.


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