23 and Me Testing...

I spent the $299 to get testing through 23andMe last month, and it was very nerve wracking to wait to find out my test results. 

I got the email that they received my results on 11-8 at their lab. On 11-20, I got my e-mail showing that my results are ready. 

The results showed that I have a high risk of thrombosis. This is due to FVL and another mutation called MTHFR. 

23andMe uses what is called SNP's for their results. 

So I searched for groups dealing with MTHFR to have them decipher my results, and this was what they said:
Heterozygous for A1298C Mutation

That put me with ~43% of the population that has 1 mutation on either of the SNPs.

So what now? Now, I need to educate me on what MTHFR is.

I felt no need to do so previously, because I had never been tested for this, but it is apparent that I have it.

The rest is very complicated and complex. I will speak to my new high risk obgyn about his thoughts and update you with a blog.
My cycles are still all over the place...

*baby dust*


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