Happy Halloween! 7DPO and a Visit with PCP/Sleep Study Results

Happy Halloween Everyone!

Today was a busy day! I had college from 10am until 3pm, than met with my PCP, than got my sleep study results, and than took Gabriella trick or treating.

You know your PCP is a good one when she is dressed up in a "sexy jail bird" costume lol. She had the cuffs and all. Lol.

I mentioned to my PCP what the OBGYN and Endocrinologist have said. I brought lab results, and I brought the ultrasound. I even brought the e-mails exchanged between us.

Her thoughts were this.

1. She reviewed the previous records and lab work. I indeed have PCOS. She has no idea what the Endo and OBGYN were talking about. She reccomended me see another Endocrinologist at Elliot or at BY Womans.
2. She doesn't know how long I had the chlamydia for [where alex has been normal I could have had it for 2years+ and not known it] apparently this could have caused fertility issues and closed my tubes. I am clean right now. But she thinks it could have caused damage.
3. She does not think I am ovulating based on my labs. She reccomended taking a progesterone cream and to try Vitex or Fertibella.
4. She is going to re run labs in the new year.
5. She says I need to be on the Metformin and Synthroid.
6. She wants me to have a hystosonogram done to see what is going on.

She wants me to come back in the new year for a histosonogram thingy.... she also wants to refer to a reproductive endocrinologist in the new year.

So. I'm satisfied. She is going to run the labs in the new year.

Yesterday, I paid $330 for 23 and Me testing for Genetics. I have wanted the test for a while now. I want to see what the results show, and it may or may not help my ancestry (I'm big into Genealogy) I mentioned this to her and she wants to see the 23 and Me results when they come back.

With regards to my sleep study, the doctor noted light snoring, and a few apneas, but he said it can vary from night to night. He said he is going to see me back in 3mos to re-run the test. The apneas are not strong enough to treat.

I am currently 7DPO, and will be testing in 1 week if AF does not come by than. Have had some cramping and such...

Happy Halloween and *baby dust* to all.


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