Just because I am optimistic about my condition and wanting another child, does not mean I don't stuff the pain away inside. I am grateful for my daughter Gabriella, and she is my world, but I want to add to my family, and have been actively trying since April to have a child, and it just isn't possible. Several Miscarraiges, and 6 losses later, I am trying to be optimistic. 

I try to be happy and advocate for PCOS to all woman of the world. I am trying to not stress wanting a child, and enjoy life. But PCOS sucks. There are days I break down and cry. There are days I scream. 

There are days I envy others who have children. Because having a child is not the easiest thing to accomplish. Making comments about how I should stop trying and enjoy it, does not make it possible. I have to take medication and constantly think about my PCOS. 

I am constantly reminded either by Metformin and Synthroid, or my weight, or even BBT Temping that I have this condition. It just isn't as easy as people make it sound. You can't just have sex and have a child. I hold No Envy towards those who do have children, I just don't like my condition that I am constantly reminded of. 

I am strong. I have PCOS, but PCOS does not have me. But I have my weak points and moments too. So next time you want to ask why I can't loose weight, or why TTC is not easy for Alex and I, or when were going to have another child, think about this. Food for thought. #thoughtfortheday


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