7DPO 7DPO! One more week to wait! AF is due in 2 days... CM is still sticky. Cervix is high, soft, and open, but today its higher than it was yesterday. Like I could feel it yesterday today it was very high, I could barely feel it. No signs of AF. Been tired, and irritable. But as we all know, PMS is so similar to pregnancy. So I wait, and hope that this week goes by quick, with no AF! :) Temps staying around the same degree. 98.4 to 98.89. I've had odd cramping, but no spotting. To Add: Got a reading done by Ezra May, and she says that she predicts a BOY in March/April. Which is odd, because if I conceived, my due date would be in April according to FF... so maybe she saw a boy for March/April because I gave birth then. Would be kinda neat. 
Current Fertility Friend Chart. Can see the temp rise, and remaining up. :) 1 more week to go, and then I am testing.
  Lots of baby dust to all! Keep faith, you'll have your day soon.


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