Aunt Flow and Her Visits....

Merely just want to start this blog off with a vent, about how pregnancy symptoms and visits with aunt flow show the same signs. So annoying. Just when I get the guts and hopes that I was pregnant on the second cycle, aunt flow decided to show her face.

Aunt Flow Came to visit me on 11DPO, which was what would have been CD32/CD1. She visited from Aug 2 - Aug 6th. It was quite different this time around because I did not have severe cramping, but it was regular flow. I do NOT think it was/is implantation bleeding, because it was regular for 4 days...  plus my BBT Temps are rising.

I must say that I am happy my body seems to be regulating itself, but it just stinks because you get into that 2WW and than boom, she pays her visit with either a vengeance, or something your not hoping for.

This is my cycle chart thus far. Looks fairly normal, it is supposed to rise and then when ovulation is imminent, than it should drop, and rise suddenly again.

Going to be interesting to see what happens. I did stop taking Metformin and Fertibella all together, because I am going to be participating in a PCOS and Genetics Study through Mass General Hospital. But I will post about that in my next blog post.

*baby dust to all*


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