I've been slacking this month with charting. Probably due to my schedule being all messed up and stress.

Alex lost his job at Wal-Mart, which makes the second job lost in six months. He did get re-hired at another place, Game-Stop, but Wal-Mart still owes him his last check, and unemployment owes him a portion of income too.

Its been stress between bills, my health, and other things. I am hoping that when we go to Dragon*Con in 2 weeks, stress won't exist. But we shall see.

As far as my chart goes, its been doing some interesting things this month compared to the end of last month. I have to wonder if the Metformin is what has done it, but also have to wonder if my hormones are evening out or not.

Wierd huh? This is what it currently looks like.

As far as other health issues go... I'm avoiding my Urodynamic Testing like a cat on crack... something about having a catheter shoved up there, is bothersome to me.... I will make a separate post about my MRI-MRV because that's a separate issue all together...


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