Cycle # 2!! Started on CD29!~!

Well, I am excited. On Cycle #1, CD29, I started getting some odd spotting. I thought maybe it was implantation bleeding, and told myself by 7-5-12 I would be taking a test if aunt flow didn't pay her visit. She decided on CD30/Cycle #2, CD1, she was going to pay a full fledge visit and stick around.

Strangely, I did not mind. What I hated was the way Metformin was making me feel. I spent the ENTIRE night last night on 7-2-12 in the bathroom, either vomiting my brains out until I had no stomach content left, or it was coming out the other end.

I guess the wonderful thing is that obviously the Metformin is working, and no ovulation drugs like Clomid is needed, and the Metformin combined with Fertibella is regulating my cycles, because I ovulated last month, BUT -- I am very weary because this is the first time I've ever been normal in my entire life.

On 6-30-2012, I had a trans-vaginal ultrasound which confirmed my diagnosis of polycystic ovarian syndrome. There were several follicles on my ovaries consistent with the diagnosis of PCOS. The doctor wants me to continue working out at the gym, and to also eat low carb.

I have an appointment with a Nutritionist on 7-6-12 and so that means I have to track everything I eat from 7-4-12 and on. I hope the nutritionist can provide some sort of guidance as to a low-carb diet.

So in the end, Fertibella is working, and Metformin is also. I bought a BBT Temp, and am going to track vaginally after aunt flow goes away. I am also focusing alot this month because this month is baby month for us :)


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