Not Endometrial Cancer... & Clomid Treatment...

So, in the previous blog post, I posted about how I had a minute chance of having endometrial cancer... this was based off of previous ultrasound reports... I was told by my Endocrinologist that I needed to follow up with my OBGYN, so I scheduled an appointment with my OBGYN Dr. Addli Shay, for today at 8am. I  was a bit nervous, because my last OBGYN through Dartmouth was not the greatest, and she pushed the issue of my stillborn daughter, Kayleigh, which bothered me a bit. 

Today, we discussed my hormone levels, and the ultrasound report, and I got Really Good Results at the OBGYN. I liked this doctor... she was not a jerk like the last one. 

She explained to me that the calcification that was found was called a dermoid cyst and that it went unchanged from my last ultrasound, but she explained that if it changes then she will order a uterine biopsy. 

She explained that hormone wise, she wants my TSH to be under 2.5, ideally 2.0, which is what other doctors wanted it to be at. She explained to me that she wants to manage my PCOS a bit better.

We discussed the large amount of cysts on my ovaries, and she explained that it is dangerous to continue to have these cysts build up on my ovaries, because eventually, one could rupture, or burst, causing more issues.

She explained that because I don't ovulate, she is starting me on Clomid 50mg to get rid of the cysts. She explained that my issue is that I have 50 cysts on each ovary and its causing alot of hormone issues. The hormone issues are making my PCOS worse, instead of better, which is why I see no change on the Synthroid or Metformin after a year.  She explained to me by not ovulating it causes cysts and essentially puts me at menopausal levels and affects my PCOS terribly and that the Clomid will cause me to ovulate which is what I need to have happen & even though I'm not TTC at the moment she wants to treat me this way as it will be the most beneficial. 

She said ideally, she wants me to get these cysts diminished and to continue with the Hormone labs, HSG, HSG-Sonogram and ultrasounds and to follow up with any questions. 

All in all, it was a good appointment, with good results. I'm quite happy.

I discussed it with my fiancee, and even though we're not actively TTC at the moment, he did mention that he is not against me getting pregnant, and that it is the ultimate goal, and that twins run in his family (oh boy, they run in mine too) I am just worried that the Clomid is going to thin my lining alot, and make me hormone crazy... lol


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