Endometrial Cancer ???

There are simply some things in life that I don't understand.
The Bible says God wouldn't give us what we couldn't handle...
Everyone knows that I'm currently in Remission for Acute Promylocytic Leukemia...
But I didn't realistically think about other cancers... especially ones that could affect infertility, for female issues...

I got my Ultrasound on June 3rd, and the results were anything but normal...
We know that my HSG in January determined my fertility was not the greatest, and that I had about a 5% chance of pregnancy... due to the large amount of scarring on my endometrium, and my partially closed Fallopian tube... the scarring was due to my large amount of miscarriages... I didn't really like that doctor, but that is a different story... I plan to get a second opinion in the future...

So anyway... the ultrasound...

Gynecological Report (Signed Final 06/03/2013 04:21 pm)

Patient Info
ID #: 091195
D.O.B.: 09/26/89 (23 yrs)(F)
Visit Date: 06/03/2013 10:47

Performed By
Performed By:
Olesya S Jungkman RDMS
Referred By: GUDDETI
Location: Manchester

Service(s) Provided

Polycystic Ovarian Disease

Age: 23
LMP: 05/19/13
Day Of Cycle: 16
Menses: Regular

Uterus: Present
Position: Anteverted
Size (cm) L: 7.88 W: 4.24 H: 3.38 Vol (ml): 59.1
Description: Normal appearance

Endometrium: Normal appearance
Thickness(mm): 5.62

Normal appearance

No fluid was Visualized

Right Ovary
Status: Visualized
Size (cm) L: 3.31 W: 2.33 H: 1.96
Vol (ml): 7.9

Polycystic appearance
Left Ovary
Status: Visualized
Size (cm) L: 2.53 W: 2.44 H: 1.85 Vol (ml): 6
Morphology: Polycystic appearance

Comment: Echogenic area seen within the overy - 10 x 10 x 6mm.

Anteverted uterus 7.9 X 3.4 X 4.2 cm
Normal myometrium
Endometrial echo measures 5.6 mm in maximal dimension
Right ovary measures 3.3 X 2 X 2.3 cm
Left ovary measures 2.4 X 2.5 X 1.9 cm
central small calcification 10mm X 6 mm unchanged in appearance from prior exam 6/12
Multiple small peripheral ovarian follicles noted within both ovaries
No free pelvic fluid

This ultrasound report with graphs is available for review in our Faculty copy of AS Software Inc. Colleen M Barber, MD Electronically Signed Final Report 06/03/2013 16:21

Component Results: There is no component information for this result.

General Information Collected:
6/3/2013 12:31 PM
Resulted: 6/3/2013 4:22 PM
Result Status: Final result

These results were automatically released. Please contact your provider’s office if you have questions.

What is concerning to me is this:

Calcification in soft tissues occur when there is deposition of calcium salts in dead or degenerated tissues. Tissues can degenerate in response to infection and inflammation, in response to tumors, or in response to decreased blood flow to that particular area. Calcification in ovaries is taken to be a sign of a previous or present problem.

Previous issues like infections can show up as calcification. Present issues like tumors, benign or malignant, can also show up as calcification's.

For many years, calcification in ovaries was believed to be due to cancers causing degeneration of tissues. But presently, research has shown that benign lesions are more common than malignant tumor.

Whatever the cause, the standard treatment of a calcification in an ovary is surgery to remove the ovary and submitting the ovary for pathological examination so that a malignant lesion may not be missed.

An MRI can also identify cancers to some extent since blood flow increases in a cancerous tumor. A PET scan is even more diagnostic.


My labs in May showed my white blood cell increasing, my platelets and red blood cells decreasing, which was concerning, because these are signs that my body may not be in remission anymore.

These new ultrasound results have me wondering:
How can this calcification remain for a year?
Is it the reason why I can't get pregnant and when I do, am not able to sustain pregnancy?

I wonder these things, because my doctors think MTHFR and my clotting disorders are not affecting my fertility...

So I put a call into my OBGYN and their going to be ordering an endometrial byposy, to rule out Endometrial Cancer... because the above results signify that I could have Endometrial Cancer...


Just another thing that I need to add to my medical history at 24...
Just another thing that might cost me my female fertility, and take up that last 5% of chance that I may be able to be a mother to my fiancee's children... (Which by the way, we were looking forward to, he said to me last night "I was actually looking forward to you being the mother to my next child(ren) and now this is discerning  but hey, if that's the case, we have 3 beautiful kids we can take care of (he has 2 from a prior relationship, and then Gabby) and while I understand where he is coming from... I'm quite disheartened  because I am wanting to be a mother to his children... I intend to marry him after-all .. and plan to fight this battle... and pray that God bless me with another child... 

Yep... pretty much...
So now we wait...



:( i really hope that its not cancer

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