What is wrong with doctors today???

What is so wrong with doctors wanting to give their patients preventative treatment?
Why do they want to at least not try something and see if it works?
Why wait for a problem to occur before treating? What happened to preventative medicine?

Me= Beyond Frustrated.
I met with my new Hematologist, Dr. Gina Divanuti through Hematology-Oncology of Hooksett, and she and I had a very ... not so decent... discussion today...
And I'm honestly ashamed in where the medical field is going...

This was an ACTUAL conversation with a Medical Doctor that occurred today:

Her: "Well, you have been seen at Mass General Hospital for Factor V. And it says here you also have MTHFR"
Me: That is correct.
Her: "Well, you’ve never had a clotting event correct?"
Me: That is correct, unless you count the clotting that occurred in my stillborn daughter or the blood clot that almost killed my life.
Her: Well, with MTHFR we used to worry, studies have shown in 2003 that it’s no longer a concern or worry for clotting.
Me: Okay, Well, that makes no sense, and studies show otherwise
Her: What studies? Point them out to me?
Me: I don’t have them on me.
Her: Well, the concern is with Factor V. All these other clotting disorders you showed me from 23andMe really have no correlation or means or effect.
Me: Well, Doctor, I understand, but I'm fed up. What I NEED is answers. I'm 24; I've been seen by every specialist out there. I've been told by an OBGYN I need Lovonox and anticoagulants and to be on aspirin. I've been told by one Hematologist that’s not needed. I was told by a RE who did a consult that MTHFR was not an issue and further testing concluded that I didn’t have anything wrong with my karotype and that my Anticardiolipin and Lupus AC were normal. I was told I needed Lovonox by her. Then you’re telling me different. Do you have any children doctor?
Her: No, I do not.
Me: Well then I certainly don't expect you to understand what it is like to go through so many losses. I'm 24. I have had 5 miscarriages, Now 2 chemical pregnancies and 1 stillborn daughter at 23 weeks, and you’re telling me that MTHFR and Clotting Disorders are NOT to blame? Then what is?
Her: Well, you see, the reason we don't anticoagulate is because there is a risk... Me: Like anything in life?
Her: Well, the risk is bleeding.
Me: I'm aware. But Aspirin also carries that risk, and I take it.
Her: Yes, and No. Aspirin works with white blood cells and platelets. Lovonox works with Antithrombin 3. Totally different.
Me: I'm aware.
Her: So I really see no need to anticoagulate, because the risk is too high. A study shows in 1999 and 2003, that Factor V is shown to cause clotting issues in further along pregnancies but it actually helps in early pregnancies.
Me: You’re quoting an article that is 10 years old? Really?
Her: Well, there has really been no other articles published. As for MTHFR, it is no concern.
Me: Well, I have loads of people who will tell you otherwise.
Her: I'm sure you do. What is the name of your OBGYN you saw? And your fertility specialist?
Me: Dr Thomas Barrett and Antisdel through Elliot OBGYN, and Dr. Adali Shay through Dartmouth. And Dr. Vitiello through Fertility Centers of New England. Her: Well, I am going to call Jessica, your PCP and ask her opinion.
Me: Feel free to do so, but she will tell you it’s not her area of expertise hence why she refers out.
Her: She certainly does refer out.
Me: Frustrated, Waiting 15 minutes. The doctor comes back in.
Her: Well, like I said, Jessica mentioned you’re on the fence. The issue is if we coagulate you, you’re overweight. The risks are increased.
Me: Don't give me a lecture about weight. Last I checked you’re not a bariatric doctor and I'm not here about that.
Her: Well you see, I'm still not going to anticoagulate you.
Me: So you admit you won’t even try to help me?
Her: I didn’t say that.
Me: Then will you sign a piece of paper stating you refuse to anticoagulate me? Her: We're done this discussion.
Me: So you won’t even try something to see if it helps? You want me to experience ANOTHER loss.
Her: Sorry, it’s not MTHFR and clotting issues. I am not going to anticoagulate you.
Me: Even though studies show its effective following ovulation and aids in it?
Her: What article? Show me.
Me: Last I checked you’re the doctor. Why not try to prevent another loss? It hasn’t been tried. Now you’re sounding like the OBGYN who prescribed me Clomid and won’t give me progesterone even though studies show PCOS causes progesterone deficiency, the same doctor who told me you ovulate when you have a period.
Her: Sorry, that’s not my area of expertise. I think you need to see a fertility specialist.
Me: I already paid close to 2 Grand for that out of pocket, and everything came back normal, why won’t you help me?
Her: Were done this discussion I don’t need to see you back. You’re not even pregnant. Until your OBGYN gives me an article from a GYN magazine that says Factor V needs prophylaxis I'm not giving it to you. This conversation is done.

OF course, she wouldn’t sign the paper because she knows it will open her up to a world load of a lawsuit if I miscarry and she refused to help me...

I’m just so done with medical doctors. If I have to resort to buying Lovonox online, than unfortunately I will. I feel it is needed. I feel it is justifiable to try it because everything else has failed.

Losing weight? Why doesn’t she try to fit into the shoes of someone with PCOS…? I’ve been trying since January, I can’t help that my Insulin Resistance and my other hormones fluctuate making it harder to regulate? I’m back to 240.01 again, and it’s been a battle. I’ve changed my foods. I’ve changed my diet, and yet I gain, not loose. You tell me what to do differently… because honestly, it’s not as easy as it sounds…
It’s even more frustrating because I’m doing EVERYTHING I should be doing, and it’s just not working… I’m never going to get pregnant, and at this point, why keep trying when modern medicine won’t help me?

I’m just so frustrated. These are people that go to school, and take an oath to do no harm, but they treat me like I am dumb, and REFUSE to help… I just don’t get it… This is EXACTLY what is wrong with medicine in today’s world… There is no more preventative medicine…


Lover of Lacquer

Ughhh I am so very sorry. I still have no answers as to what causes my clots and honestly, I don't care anymore. I've been tested for everything and they say the tests come back fine when something OBVIOUSLY isn't fine. I've been called a liar by both friends, family and doctors because they don't believe my pain anymore. I guess it is easy to sit back and call someone a liar when you have no actual proof of their day to day life & struggles. I am also with you on the weight loss thing. I've been trying (and trying) to lose weight. Still, all I do is gain. I know damn good and well that it is a side effect of coumadin since almost every single one of coumadin users has it. Yet, medical professionals continue to deny it. I can only imagine that if it was their family member struggling, their outlooks would be totally different. They would suddenly be doing the research that their patients now do and they would be treating those patients in any way possible, even preventative. Why? Because its always so different when the shoe is on the other foot.

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