A Never Ending Battle...

So... I had my TSH checked, and it came back REALLY high. Like, higher than 4.0 high. It might explain why I have been feeling down, irritable, and sad lately. The doctor has upped my Synthroid to 100mcg 2 times a week, and is hoping my TSH goes down. For those who know me most, they know I LOATHE medications, because I hate taking them, but I have to wonder if this Synthroid is even doing anything for me AT ALL.

I had a Free T4 done in July 2012, which was 1.06 ng/dL. Than I bought a test package, and my T3 and T4 were: T4: 6.4 ug/dL, T3: 28%, and Free Thyroxine Index: 1.8. All within normal ranges.

I was diagnosed with Hypothyroidism AGAIN in June 2012. I was started at 50mcg, then increased to 88mcg when I saw my Thyroid not responding, and then ultimately at 100mcg... I've been at 100mcg for a while now.

I'm not understanding how if I am on Synthroid, how my TSH is not normalizing. It makes no sense to me.

My levels are checked monthly, and they have fluctuated SO MUCH sometimes it feels like I am on a never ending roller coaster. I have to wonder what is going on at the biochemical levels of my body... at the level I can not test or see, because well, to be honest, this is REALLY odd to have it fluctuating so much.

My endocrinologist wants my levels to be below 2.0 for TSH, and it feels like I'm NEVER going to get there.

Here are what my levels have looked like over the last year:

Feb 2012: 2.68 mcIU/mL
April 2012: 3.610 / u[iU]/mL
May 2012: 1.35 mcIU/mL, Recheck in May 2012: 3.450 u[iU]/mL
July 2012: 3.40 mcIU/mL
September 2012: 1.920 u[iU]/mL
October 2012: 2.290 u[iU]/mL
November 2012: 5.380 u[IU]/mL
December 2012: 2.620 u[IU]/mL
February 2013: 2.520 u[IU]/mL
April 2013 *yesterday*: 4.630 u[IU]/mL

So as you can see, it has been a never ending battle, and its quite annoying.

My insulin is down, thankfully though.

Here is what my insulin has looked like, the normal ranges being 3.0 - 25.0, so I am slowly getting there, with being at 32.9 MU/L.

2013/04/24insulin, serum32.9 MU/Lu[iU]/mL3.0-25.0
2012/12/18insulin, serum41.2 MU/Lu[iU]/mL3.0-25.0
2012/05/18insulin, serum41.8 MU/Lu[iU]/mL3.0-25.0

So, it has been a year, and it seems that my "hormones" are still trying to get back to normal. The never ending battle with hormones is frustrating. The never ending battle with painful aunt flows, where I am so nauseated and feel so sick from cramps, and Endometriosis, and the never ending battle with progesterone mimicking pregnancy symptoms. Just the overall frustrations of a never ending battle. I just want to be "normal" again, or close to it, and if one thing is returning to almost normal, the other thing is off, and so it is a never ending battle...


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