Contact Made!!!

So I spoke to Robert Albee this morning, the founder for Center for Endometriosis Care in Atlanta, GA who is taking and reviewing cases for Dr Kenny Sinervo (the guy who does the surgeries) and we are going ahead with surgery. 

He said my history is very suggestive of "adenomyosis" and that while I had the surgery in October, it looks as though they likely did not get deep enough to remove all the adhesion's. 

They are going to be re-doing a diagnostic lap, removing adhesions, removing ALL my endo, and looking/confirming/treating the adenomyosis. 

He did say that the CEC has only had one case in all the years of treatment that has had the endometriosis return, and so I am confident this is the right decision. 

He said they will remove any adhesion's found on my uterus also, because this could affect my adenomyosis, and he said he is very sorry for all my losses (8 miscarriages, and 1 stillborn) but that he is happy I have 1 miracle baby. 

He said the next step is in about 2 weeks I will get an e-mail to start the paperwork for the administrative side of process. 

I will be asking for a July or August surgery date because I want to ensure childcare for my daughter is secure. 

He said if it is confirmed to be adenomyosis, this combined with the endometriosis could be the reason why I have had so many losses. I feel relieved. But I'm nervous at the same time. Knowing this is going to be the last time I will have to deal with this, makes me excited.


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