Last night, I got my plans finalized for my surgery in Atlanta with Dr Sinervo and so many things are running through my head...

My boyfriend Matthew and I will be leaving August 10th via Greyhound and arriving in Atlanta the morning of the 11th. 

We will take a MARTA to the Center for Endometriosis Care to meet with Dr Sinervo at 1pm. Than I will meet with Anesthesia at 3pm at Northside hospital. 

On the 11th, I am on a pure liquid diet, and I will have to do a bowel prep (yuck) but it is apart of the surgery prep. 

My surgery will take place the morning of the 12th at 7:15am, which means we have to be at Northside Hospital for 5:15am. 

We have a hotel, at the Microtel Inn and Suites from the 11th until the 14th. From the 14th to the 16th, we will be staying with a family friend of mine who I consider a second mother, and then we will be returning via Greyhound, leaving on the 16th and arriving in downtown Cleveland the 17th. 

Last night, I also realized just how nervous I am about my surgery. So many things going through my mind. 

Because of my nerves lately, I have unequivocally become more anxious and moody. I was able to finally express to my boyfriend last night all of my fears and told him just how scared out of my mind I am. 

Things like: What if they find nothing? Than no answers for my excruciating pain. OR What if they find a lot, than my hopes of children in the future is destroyed. OR what if the worse happens, and I bleed out, or I develop a blood clot in my leg that travels to my lungs again ect. ect. 

Its been a painfully long journey with endometriosis, and so I have several thoughts running through my mind...


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