Well, this is it! I finally have an appointment at Fertility Centers of New England in Bedford, NH set up for January 2ed 2013 at 10:30am. I am nervous, but excited! I am going to go over my health conditions, and hopefully we can have copies of Alex's results by then as well, because I am wanting to see what their thoughts are with IUI vs IVF and that sort of thing. I plan to talk with the doctor about a Histosonogram, because that is something my PCP had mentioned, due to my history. I am wondering if Fertility Centers usually take "high risk" patients, or if they would refer elsewhere. Alex and I decided that Our 1 year of TTC is April 2013, and if we do not fall pregnant by than, we will go ahead and seek IUI-IVF options, which, as you know, are quite costly. Our Credit isn't the greatest, but we were pre-approved for a "No patient left behind" program, which apparently can fund our fertility treatments.



WOOHOO!!! i really hope that everything goes well for you 2.

April Marie Driesse

Me too! They are doing free consultations for the month of December, if you book an appointment in December, which is nice! Usually it costs $300.00 to see someone for consult! I'll take it for FREE lol. Alex got his results back today too, and he will be getting them on Wednesday. Somewhat nervous for that.

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