19DPO, CD43, BFN = Frustrations!

Damn it PCOS! I really hate you. If aunt flow doesn't come at the wrong time, its tricking me into thinking I am pregnant and getting my hopes up. How the hell can a woman know when she is ovulating, if she doesn't have her period? Its so frustrating. I am on 2000mg of Metformin a day, and am on Fertibella, and am on 50mg of Levothyroxine, and its just so frustrating.

I am starting to see a pattern in my charting though, its kinda interesting. I feel like I am more in tune with my body than ever before.

This month, I have an appointment on the 24th of September to discuss July's labwork. Tell me how that works out? I am going to be asking the provider to re-do the labs, because I do not think my Metformin is working, and do not think I am ovulating, and still think my ratio of LH:FSH is off. If they deny my bloodwork from being done, I am going to just ask for it to be done when I see my PCP on the 26th, or my High Risk OBGYN in October. Something tells me that my body does not and is not doing what it is supposed to be doing. But the thing I keep getting is "Give it 6 months on Metformin" well, 6 months to someone who isn't TTC might be easy, but 6 months on Metformin, and TTC, it feels like a god damn lifetime.

I did two of those free readings. One lady said August and a Girl, and the other said February and a Boy. I know they were fun, but where did my August and a Girl go? Quite annoying. Maybe she meant next August? Or maybe that was when the birth is/was expected? If so, that means in November, I would conceive. I sure hope so...  I know its fun, but dang, I wish I was all of those females who could just have sex and get pregnant. It is so frustrating.

My sister is due to have her baby within the next week or so. Her due date is 9/22, and my birthday is 9/26. Best birthday gift ever would be to have my niece be born. I would be elated.

This is my current chart, so you can see what it is doing. I am wondering if dropping back down below my baseline is an indicator of my AF showing up for a visit, or not. It is interesting to see it month to month.
I guess time will tell. 


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